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Company Profile

DAEHO I&T Co., Ltd. is a 15-year old small & medium professional ICT company developing, manufacturing, and selling building air conditioner control solution,
IoT smart products, etc.

Having started as a one-man company in 2002,
DAEHO I&T Co., Ltd. has created new markets by combining with various business
areas such as new product development in ICT area and new projects in material
area on the basis of knowhow and technological power accumulated by ceaseless
R&D investment.

Recently we have launched Life care business division’s ‘IoT accessories’ business
both home and abroad targeting consumer market. We have also established a new
business division of ‘new material heating system’ and completed product development.

Main Products
Network-solution (embedded device), healthcare product, Wi-fi module, smart home networking system, Zigbee module.

Vision Slogan
Our vision is to make life happy and meaningful
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